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Assembly of Steel Halls

Our assembled hall can be built up easily without any demanding technical equipment and expert knowledge. Especially in smaller Amerspan halls, an option to carry out the hall assembly on the self-help basis or in combination with the participation of our specialists is offered. This way a certain reduction of the total price of the hall can be reached.

Maintenance-Free Structure

The structure of the assembled AMERSPAN halls meets all the European standards. The halls are technically adapted to maintain their integrity even in the most unfavourable natural conditions including the areas with the usual high snow or wind load and occurrence of earthquakes. The structures of these assembled halls are practically maintenance-free.

High Resistance

Our halls are made of quality steel sheets with Galvalume® surface. Strength of these structures against weather influences was tested in the most unfavourable conditions and obtained the resistance certificate in the snow localities with loading up to 6kN/m2 and the certificate of resistance against strong wind of velocity up to 240km/hour.

Long Life of Our Steel Prefabricated Halls and 100% Guarantee

As a standard the steel material of our halls is fitted with a galvanic surface layer Galvalume being composed of 55% of aluminium, 43.5% of zinc, and 1.5% of silicon. Such surface finish treatment shows 7 times higher resistance against corrosion than the typical galvanized surface. For these reasons we provide the guarantee for resistance against corrosion for the period of at least 25 years. However, demonstrable lifetime of the surface finish treatment is more than 50 years from the beginning of their serial production.